Yuregir municipality of kindergartens celebrated with children


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President Kocaispir visited the little ones and gave gifts

Continuing preschool education by increasing capacity, the kindergartens of Yüreğir Municipality have embraced hundreds of children in the new period. Mayor of Yüreğir, Fatih Mehmet Kocaispir, said: “We provide the most comprehensive and high-quality kindergarten service in our city.”

The kindergartens of Yuregir municipality have started the new term Chilly

Today, as pre-school education gained in importance, the kindergartens of the Municipality of Yüreğir, which have filled an important deficiency in the region at the level of local government, once again attracted a lot of attention. The children, leaving the first week behind, met their teachers and new friends in the kindergartens of Yüreğir Municipality, which serves a total of 209 children with modern, modern and reasonable prices with 2 kindergartens within its structure.

Visiting Hanım Sabuncu Nursery, which opened its doors with a beautiful ceremony, Mayor of Yüreğir Fatih Mehmet Kocaispir shared the excitement of the little ones. Visiting the classrooms with surprise gifts and talking to the children, Mayor Kocaispir showed great interest in the little ones learning through fun games, songs, dances, stories and activities.

The kindergartens of Yuregir municipality have started the new term Chilly

Mayor Kocaispir said they are committed to providing accessible, equal and quality service to all: “We provide the most comprehensive and quality kindergarten service in our city. We educate our children by introducing them to science, art, sports and different cultures.Our kindergartens attract a lot of attention with this service, which has received a lot of appreciation and appreciation.I believe that our children, who get their first education in our kindergartens, will serve our country as well-educated individuals.I am happy and proud that I can provide such a service,” he said.