What will education look like after the earthquake? Subject on Parliament’s agenda


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Young entrepreneur Volkan Çevik becomes Member of Parliament A. YRP candidate

Young entrepreneur Volkan Çevik becomes Member of Parliament A. YRP candidate

As a result of the earthquake, the AK Party government’s decision to switch to distance learning instead of face-to-face education in universities was put on the parliament’s agenda by Adana Deputy Ayhan Barut of the Republican People’s Party (CHP).

CHP Adana Delegate Ayhan Barut, who shared the reasons for the research proposal he presented to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), said: “Unfortunately, we lost tens of thousands of lives in the earthquakes. Our citizens lost their lives and their houses, hundreds of thousands of our people had to leave the city they live in. After the earthquake When a lack of organization and a chain of neglect came along, the most basic needs were no longer met.

“Dynamite Thrown Into Our Future”

Ayhan Barut recalled that the decision on distance learning for universities was made after the earthquake and continued as follows:

“While various solutions can be devised such as public guest houses, corporate hotels or similar institutions, the AKP government took the easy way out and placed our earthquake victims in dormitories. KYK dormitories will not be a long-term solution for earthquake victims. Families need to be transferred to places where they can stay for a long time While the mental, social and academic losses caused by the distance learning came to light during the pandemic, the students were exposed to the same losses as a result of this hasty decision made because of the earthquake. cause major problems in the future. Although internet connections are a problem in itself after the earthquake. In education, students affected by the earthquake have serious connection problems and difficulty in focusing on distance education. that applied courses will not be far away. The transition after ar e-distance learning is a dynamite for the future of our country. It is not a decision that benefits students, teachers and staff, universities, pedagogically, psychologically and sociologically.”

Barut, reiterating his demand for the determination and resolution of all problems in education and the repeal of the distance learning decision, said: “As education is the most important factor in building the future and societies, the Assembly inquiry is carried out to fully identify the problems faced by university students transitioning to online education and take the necessary steps for a solution.”We want it to be opened up,” he said.