They produce “gluten free” food for celiacs


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Seyhan Municipality introduced gluten-free foods produced as part of services aimed at facilitating the lives of underprivileged citizens. At the meeting where gluten-free products consisting of “bread, bagel, grisini, cake, cupcake and biscuit” produced under the name “Seyhan Gluten Free” were served, President Akay said that they continue to work on enriching these products.

Şehmus Alparslan, head of the Adana Department of the Chamber of Food Engineers, dietitian Özgan Arı from Çukurova University Balcalı Hospital, municipal officials, citizens with gluten sensitivity and their families attended the introduction meeting at Yaşar Kemal Cultural Center.

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Underlining that gluten sensitivity is one of the most important health problems of our time, President Akif Kemal Akay pointed out that gluten sensitivity is on the rise in society. Mayor Akay emphasized that access to gluten-free products and high prices put families in a very difficult situation, saying: “It was a very serious problem that most of the families who were already in economic distress were exposed to this type of diet. Lowering the pricing these products was one of our main goals, in fact we started getting results in the studies related to this.

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One of the celiac patients said: “It is my great wish to chop bread in okra. I can’t do this,” Akay said that while their economic conditions are good, many people with gluten sensitivity are deprived of many things. “It is one of our main goals to diversify and not just produce gluten-free products in the upcoming processes. For this reason, products like yucca, stevia and spirulina that we plant are the things that we started using to enrich these foods.”


President Akay, asking the participants for intellectual support for the new studies that can be done, said: “In the end we will open a way, open a door. If you help us with safe food and food safety, we will continue to work in this direction. We are with you,” he said.

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Şehmus Alparslan, Head of the Adana Section of the Chamber of Food Engineers, drew attention to the importance of Seyhan Municipality’s efforts to address the needs of low-income people who face difficulties in rural development and access to food. Alparslan said: “We know that individuals with physiological problems arising from gluten and gluten sensitivity have difficulty accessing gluten-free products. This is especially the case with the families of these friends. It is also necessary to mention that the institutions and organizations that support in accordance with their accessibility, fulfill an important task.I would like to thank the organizers of this work and especially the municipality of Seyhan in the presence of our mayor of Seyhan, Akif Kemal Akay.”


Cukurova University Balcalı Hospital Dietitian Özgen Arı said, “We would like to thank Seyhan Municipality and Seyhan Municipality Chairman Akif Kemal Akay for being a solution partner for our gluten sensitive patients, which is a very serious problem for us. It’s a very big problem for us that our patients reach the product, especially the patients who have economic problems, and it’s a serious problem. At the moment it is very nice that the municipality is our solution partner, and I hereby promise that as a teaching hospital we will provide all possible support.

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After the meeting, gluten-free products were offered to the participants.