The situation of schools in Adana Moved to Parliament’s agenda


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Orhan Sümer said, “Out of 20,000 868 Ministry of National Education buildings in 10 provinces affected by the earthquake, 24 were destroyed by the earthquake and 83 suffered heavy damage. Damage reports from all schools in 10 provinces have been issued to date. In this context, on March 13, 1516 thousand 775 students from 1556 schools in Adana that were not severely or moderately damaged, resumed their education and training. However, the need to demolish heavily damaged buildings around some schools is a concern for students and parents. Again, while some schools have visible cracked columns and damaged walls, they can start teaching. Said


Orhan Sümer said: “Education must continue without interruption, but it is necessary to calculate the safety of our children and their psychological effects. Especially the statements that can be made in Adana about new earthquakes make our country restless. Workplaces, schools, bazaars and merchants have to live off the thorns. Given all these factors, earthquake-resistant cities must be rebuilt.
In particular, the Ministry of National Education should provide solutions in a way that ensures the safety of our children, without ignoring any possibility regarding the schools.” Said.

New Disaster Fund Debate: Where Will Şevkin Raise 88 Billion TL?

New Disaster Fund Debate: Where Will Şevkin Raise 88 Billion TL?


Orhan Sümer said: “Nobody expects the effects of the earthquake to suddenly disappear. After the great disaster follows a laborious process that will certainly take time. However, it saddens us all to see the things that should be done without wasting time, especially by the government, being disrupted. It is very painful to see how the places where tents are in the disaster area are flooded, when it has just been announced that there will be only one day of heavy rain. This system, where there is no merit, will certainly change.” Said