the French would be forced to adopt the eSIM


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The iPhone 15 sold in France would be deprived of the physical SIM card drawer. Apple would have decided to accelerate the adoption of the eSIM by putting a final cross on the compartment … forcing the French to change their habits.

Last year, Apple started dropping the SIM card on its iPhones. All iPhone 14s sold in the United States do not have the tray intended to hold the physical card. It concerns the four models in the range, including the high-end versions. To replace the SIM card, Apple bets everything on the eSIM, the non-removable SIM card. This is because direct soldered to the motherboard of the phone, allowing manufacturers to save space while improving the water resistance of the device.

According to information from our colleagues at iGeneration, Apple will apply the same logic to the iPhone 15, which is scheduled for release in fall 2023. But this time even iPhones sold in France would be exempt from the physical SIM card tray.

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Is France ready for the eSIM?

Again, all models in the range from the standard iPhone 15 to the iPhone 15 Pro Max should be affected by this change. The French who want to afford a brand new iPhone should definitely use eSIM technology this year. Unruly individuals will have to fall back on an older generation model, such as an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 13.

Apple probably believes that France is ready to move to the dematerialized SIM card. From now on, the main operators of France do indeed offer the option to their subscribers. This is also the case for Free Mobile. After much hesitation, Xavier Niel’s operator switched to eSIM last November, shortly after the iPhone 14 came on the market.

In turn, Orange, Bouygues Télécom and SFR adopted the non-removable SIM card a few years earlier. It was Orange that set the example by adopting the virtual SIM card in 2016. If all telecom companies now offer eSIM to their customers, there will be no reason for Apple to postpone the transition in France.

And in the rest of Europe?

If iGeneration’s information is confirmed, we can expect that all iPhone 15s marketed on European soil will be devoid of the famous drawer. Indeed, Apple has made a habit of selling similar units across most of Europe. The models marketed in France are the same as the terminals sold in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Austria, for example.

For the record, US iPhone 14 Pros can be saved up to eight eSIMs simultaneously, compared to six for the iPhone 14/14 Plus. Note that Apple was one of the first manufacturers to adopt the eSIM. Indeed, the dematerialized card has been available on iPhone since the release of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in 2018. At that time, most operators had not yet considered the virtual SIM card.

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