Thanks to ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing overshadows the leader Google


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ChatGPT increased the popularity of Microsoft Bing. The search engine registered an increase in traffic, to the detriment of the market leader, the ever-essential Google.

Microsoft Bing is experiencing a renewed interest since the integration of Prometheus, a derivative version of ChatGPT dedicated to online research. At the beginning of March, the search engine passed the 100 million user mark for the first time worldwide.

ChatGPT boosts Bing’s traffic

This enormous popularity has resulted in a marked increase in traffic rescued by Bing. According to data published by CompareWeb,’s traffic has increased by 15.4% over the past seven days, while’s has decreased by 2.4% over the same period. In the past 28 days, has seen a 13.6% increase. In turn, experienced a 2.8% decline.

bin traffic

Bing’s increase in traffic compared to Google in 2023, according to RelatedWeb.

According to CompareWeb, the introduction of features related to artificial intelligence aloneaccelerate an earlier trend. Indeed, Bing has seen a gradual increase in traffic since 2021. Year after year, Microsoft’s search engine has experienced “progressive monthly income”GOOD “often at the expense of Google”.

bing google traffic 2021 2023

Bing’s traffic increase compared to Google between 2021 and 2023, according to RelatedWeb.

For example, traffic on increased by 9%, while that on decreased by 3.1% in February 2023. A year earlier, Bing was satisfied with a monthly growth of 8.6%. Google recorded a very slight drop of 0.3% at the time. Since the presentation of the new Bing at the beginning of February, it seems that Microsoft has managed to attract some Internet users who have done their searches on Google.

In recent weeks, the Bing chatbot has spilled a lot of ink. Generative artificial intelligence is particularly distinguished by threats, insults or the multiplication of “hallucinations”. If a conversation gets too long, Prometheus does indeed have a tendency to make things up and get angry. To frame the AI, Microsoft has therefore set limits and added a switch to the Bing interface. This allows the chatbot’s creativity to be curbed or unbridled as needed.

Google’s big lead

Despite its rival’s increased traffic, Google remains the undisputed leader in online search. The Mountain View giant saves 82 times more traffic on than Microsoft on, points to SameWeb. According to StatCounter, Google has more than 94% of the global search market share, compared to Bing’s 2.8%.

bing google dominance

The number of visits to Google and Bing in February 2023.

However, Google is aware of it the emerging threat represented by Bing and ChatGPT. In the rush, the company also presented its own generative artificial intelligence, Bard, to improve search on the Google engine. The chatbot is currently limited to the US and UK and is generating moderate enthusiasm, including among Google employees.

RelatedWeb’s research also focuses on the traffic recorded by the OpenAI website, which enables chatting with ChatGPT. A sign of the colossal success of generative AI, the site saw a 21.3% increase in traffic in a week…

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