Strong reaction to the words of the Minister of Agriculture, Vahit Kirişçi!


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Adana deputy from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Ayhan Barut, a member of the parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs, criticized the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişçi, who had a great reaction with his words this weekend. Barut stated that the people were drowning in a sea of troubles with the deepening crisis, and the farmer left unattended shouted, “The reason for all the problems experienced is the wrong policies of the AKP. Instead of finding solutions to these problems, they look down on the citizens and turn into a monument of arrogance when they sit in those seats.”


When Agriculture and Forestry Minister Vahit Kirişci said over the weekend to the farmer who was excited about irrigation in Osmaniye: “You can’t say your name yet. It was left by my grandfather, I don’t know”, and he got a great response. Later, Minister Kirişçi, who went to Hakkari, was the target of comments when he said: “Are our people hungry? Do they have difficulty accessing anything, is there a lack or shortage of something on the shelf when you go to the market go?” ? No”.


Ayhan Barut stated that the people are struggling with hunger, poverty, misery and unemployment, and that the farmers can no longer produce because their costs from diesel to fertilizer have doubled:

in Adana Has name, not own The Directorate is on the agenda of the meeting

Adana “Has a name, has no own” directorate on the parliamentary agenda

“Our people cannot bring bread home, the farmer cannot sell the product he produces with great difficulty. Thanks to the AKP, exorbitant increases have been made in everything from needle to thread. One loaf of bread was 5 lira. When our money in stamps changed and our people couldn’t buy onions, what do you say about these words of the minister? His incredible words are not one, not two, not three. He makes statements that elicit similar reactions every time. We do not accept that our farmers are looked down upon , insulting words are spoken For some reason they look down on the citizens when they sit in those seats and turn into a monument of arrogance The one man mentality that rules the country They swear and insult anyone who opens their mouths, criticize, and want their rights like them. We do not like this attitude at all, we condemn it. Shall we remain silent while our farmer cannot produce, while we crushed rd be under expenses and be in debt? Yigit needs onions, while the citizen can’t even buy bread, the answer for you is in the ballot box. z left, this black order will end in the first election. We will find a solution to all our people’s problems, to our farmer’s bleeding wounds!”