Seyhan Belediyespor’s Goal in Handball is Super But…


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Seyhan Belediyespor Club, vying for the top of the Men’s Away Handball First League Group A, strengthened its strength with the transfer of national player from Hatay Metropolitan Belediyespor, Ilkan Keleşoğlu.


Seyhan Belediyespor Club President Ümit Filazi, who stated that their only goal is to rise to the Super League, said: “Our biggest opportunity is our Seyhan Mayor Akif Kemal Akay, who loves sports and does not spare his support from us and the sports clubs . who continue their activities in our district, regardless of the industry. On behalf of our teachers and athletes, I would like to thank our president.”


Trabzonspor WINS Another match from Adana Demirspor Bitigen!

Trabzonspor WINS Another match from Adana Demirspor Bitigen!

President Filazi stated that they are taking firm steps towards the goal of Super League and said, “In accordance with our technical team’s report, we have recruited national player Ilkan Keleşoğlu from Hatay Metropolitan Belediyespor to our team. We are confident that he will contribute to the championship. We trust our teachers and athletes. We are determined to finish the upcoming matches with good results and to have our name written in the super league at the end of the season.”


Ilkay, the new transfer from Seyhan Belediyespor Club, said he would do his best to win the championship in his new team by not betraying his confidence.


Municipalities are struggling to better serve citizens.

The handball team of Seyhan Belediyespor is aiming for the Super League.

We wish you good luck!

But; Seyhan Belediyespor Handball Team, which struggles in a professional structure, is subsidized with the money provided by the people’s taxes. So to this goal; It is desirable to be reached with the money transferred to Seyhan Municipality so that the state can serve it.

Seyhan Municipality and all municipalities should support and contribute to amateur sports clubs.. It must provide resources for the existence of amateur teams in its district. In addition, its main task is to encourage young people to participate in sports and to make moves that reflect the fraternal and competitive spirit of sports for them. Sto open poke courses, to prepare environments where they can play sports.

These resources cannot be used to establish competitive clubs in professional leagues. It must not be used. How many people will have the standard of living if Seyhan Belediyespor’s professional teams reach the Super League?Super” will it rise?

For example; His joy when Seyhan Belediyespor football team won; He lives against the team of the amateur sports club in Adana. Will it work? The football team that has established a municipality with the resources it has received from the state beats and does so against a football team in its district, which is fighting for existence. race on an equal footingis called?

All municipalities should put an end to this wrong practice.

Instead of supporting amateur sports clubs, a municipality may not set up a professional team to compete with them. Amateur clubs in all branches in the province or districts are the teams of that municipality. It is a pity to say the least that the Professional Handball team is fighting for the Super League at a time when people live in difficult circumstances and experience a lot of pain.

If there is no other goal, then this is what needs to be done!

Murat Berhun

Specialist social media and communication