President Karalar listened to citizens in Yumurtalık


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Zeydan Karalar listens to people’s problems and comes up with solutions.

The Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Zeydan Karalar, conducted surveys and visits to many villages and district centers to identify the problems of the people of Yumurtalık District and produce immediate solutions. President Zeydan Karalar first met with the heads and representatives of non-governmental organizations in the Yumurtalık Chamber of Agriculture in Yumurtalık, then he conducted research in the villages of Sugözü, Gölovası, Yeşilköy, Hamzalı and Narlıören, listened to the problems and demands of the people, and talked to citizens from seven to seventy.

President Karalar in Yumurtalik


Turning to key issues in the Yuregir Chamber of Agriculture, President Zeydan Karalar said the water problem has been resolved in Karataş, Yumurtalık, İmamoğlu, Ceyhan and partially Kozan, and 1,700 km of water pipes have been built in Adana. President Zeydan Karalar, who stated that the foundation for the purification in Yumurtalık will be laid within this period and that the sewage problem of the center and all villages near the center will be solved later, explained that they have caused the problems that 40-50 years of existence until the solution phase in 3 years. Zeydan Karalar stressed that they are supporting the farmers and producers in many parts of Adana and are taking action to support the producers in Yumurtalık, and stated that the road problem in the district will be solved in the coming period.

President Karalar in Yumurtalik


Noting that the successful management of the 11 metropolitan municipality is an important indicator that the power of the Nation Alliance will solve Turkey’s problems, Mayor Zeydan Karalar said that Adana ranks 22nd among metropolitan cities in terms of income, that she is the will increase to rank 10 and that they will also make the neighborhood touristy. He said they would make it more attractive.

Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that they were very scrupulous about being honest while serving, drawing attention to the need for the right cadres to come to the administration across the country and in the municipalities to largely resolve the issues.

President Karalar in Yumurtalik

President Zeydan Karalar, who listens to the people and immediately instructs the bureaucrats accompanying him to solve the problems that can be solved, stated that they provide equal services to those who vote for them and those who do not. President Zeydan Karalar, who also inspected farmlands as he weaved between villages, shared his memories of his childhood, especially when they collected cotton as a family, then explained that cotton and textiles have an important place in business.