"Official inflation 85%, electricity increase 266%"


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Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Adana Dr. Müzeyyen Şevkin claimed that energy surges have now become a heist.
During the Department of Energy and Natural Resources’ 2023 budget talks, Dr. Şevkin noted that due to import-based energy policies and the inability to use renewable energy sources, electricity rates will increase from 136 percent to 266 percent overall by 2022.
Noting that energy prices in Turkey have increased by 143 percent, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) average is 35 percent. Şevkin noted that Turkey is the 4th most expensive country in Europe to consume electricity.
Speech to the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Dönmez, ‘Mr. Minister, I’m sorry, but these pay increases have now become a robbery. Where do you apply the increases to 266 percent when inflation was announced as 85 percent??” she asked.


Dr. Şevkin said, “What is the process in Black Sea natural gas? What is the latest status regarding the oil you say you have found in Ceyhan? How much oil did you extract? There was no public information about this,” he said.
Emphasizing that when it comes to “Natural Gas, Oil Reserves” the Ministry has increased it by one, said Dr. Şevkin said: “Stop opening the windows, people are unfortunately trying to warm up under the covers with hairdryers”. Şevkin stated that the ministry was ramping up electricity production to make the sector attractive, forcing the companies to lock their doors. Dr. Şevkin noted that between March 2013 and March 2022, 2,330 power companies were closed.


Minister Dönmez, “Twenty days before the Amasra mining disaster, did you visit the mining site and did you really say ‘one of the most reliable mines in Turkey’? Did you make such a characterization?” asks Dr. Şevkin said, “Was the ventilation problem during the Amasra mine disaster really known before and if it was known, why was no action taken against it?” searched for answers to his questions. Reminding the families of the 42 workers who lost their lives, Dr. Şevkin stressed that many of the workers who died had complained of abdominal pain and headaches before the disaster. Dr. Şevkin said, “Have you or the authorities heard anything about these complaints at all?” asked the question.

Calling attention to the appointments in his speech, Dr. Şevkin pointed to the importance of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and said: “There are thousands of electronic and electrical engineers waiting to be appointed; Do you hear the voice of geology, geophysics, mining, construction, environment, machinery, agricultural engineers, architects, urban planners? Are you going to make an appointment, when will you do that?” requested question.
Dr. Şevkin said: “EMRA has granted an incredible speed and power license. Legal entities that have filed ethical and legal requests and have been put on hold have fallen victim. EMRA turns a blind eye to this complaint.”