Not really! Even Adana’s famous bully was furious!


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Adana’s beloved and respected businessman, Mehmet Şirin Aksoy, issued a written statement and said, “Recently, I have received information that some unaware, unscrupulous and self-conscious people are trying or will try to wrong the righteous people, by mentioning my name, give the impression that I support them or claim to receive instructions from me. He warned that these people should not be believed and that he and the official units should be informed.

Orientation for international and TÖMER students

Orientation for international and TÖMER students

“The youth, since I was 10-12 years old, what can be called a child, has always been our Master the Prophet (SAW) rather than for my own good and the future of my family”ANYONE WHO DOES NOT RESPOND TO AN INJUSTICE IS A STUPID DEMON.By using the hadith as a principle for myself, I have not been silent in the face of injustice all my life; I have spent more than half my mortal life in prison to end the wrongs done to me and the poor people who seek help in my life.” Businessman Mehmet Şirin Aksoy, who said, made the following warnings in his written statement;

“Although there have been many charges with criminal consequences under civil law, such as sometimes wounding, sometimes murder, against me, I thank the Almighty Allah that neither my name is mentioned along with any crime cursed in the Qur’an, nor those who slandering me by “The Sun Was Plastered with Slime.”
Aksoy defined the term “MAFIA” and stated that he is a bully, saying, “Since it is necessary to be an honorable bully by resorting to the righteousness of my Lord, I am not alone away from things which Allah forbids, but also by standing up against those who do these things, and I sternly refuse to pay the price for my solemn attitude in every respect throughout my life.” I did not step back. There is a clear line from my Almighty Lord between bullying and being a mafia boss. The name of this line is compassion, conscience and just action. For this reason, so-called mafia bosses are essentially like barons of injustice; My personality and attitudes have not evolved in the face of a force, nor has my place, my homeland, been changed by threat or suggestion.
Because Turkey’s most famous bully”Daddy SmurfAs ”, I have deemed it a duty to myself and all my friends, relatives and relatives, to be steadfast and unyielding in the face of every injustice, and always to stand erect like an elif beside the poor.
Although these sensibilities of my person are known to all of Turkey, I have recently received information that some unaware, self-conscious people are trying or will try to wrong the righteous by mentioning my name, giving the impression that I support them or claim that they received unexpected instructions from me.

I would like to state clearly and publicly from all my social media accounts that my dignity, honor, dignity and honor are; It is not possible or even possible to be compared with all the worldly interests and interests that can be offered to a mortal in this false world. Although some humanoid beings renounce their honor, dignity, dignity and honor for the sake of their own benefit and interest, resort to all kinds of lies and deceit, and partake in all treachery and deceit, I have come to this life to be a . to establish the throne in the hearts of the poor and needy, not the sultanate at the tables of these ignorant people!

That’s why I, “Mehmet Şirin AKSOY”‘s name, “Sirin Baba”, which I earned with my sweat and clean blood, using the material and spiritual power of every injustice and everyone who has or will have a job which is forbidden by Allah, if you have any information, I openly give it to all of Turkey so that they can contact me immediately!
It is my character not to do wrong, not let it be done, and stand before those who do it, to express with the highest pitch what is good and true. As a result of this character I have not failed and will not fail to suffer losses in terms of material, moral or life. For this reason, I have not and will not hesitate to confront and deal with anyone who has alleged that they have been wronged by me or my name and reputation at any time in my previous, present or future life, and I will always be ready on any platform despite all accusations to the contrary.
As Turkey’s most famous bully, Mehmet Şirin AKSOY, I have been in Aksoy İnşaat for the past 45 years, and my homeland has been Adana Barbaros Mahallesi for 60 years. Let those who know remember, let those who do not learn learn! Whoever wants can come as he knows.