new emojis, web notifications, voice isolation… Here’s what’s new to remember


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Apple just officially opened the floodgates for iOS 16.4. The latest update to the iPhone operating system is now available to all users as a stable version, with a host of new features.

Two months after iOS 16.3 and after four betas and one release candidate, Apple has finally released the final version of iOS 16.4. On the program of this update which is quite rich in new features, Apple introduces several new features and, as usual, fixes some bugs. Here’s everything you need to know about this update.

iOS 16.4

New emojis

You probably didn’t expect them, but Apple just introduced 21 new emojis to iOS’s virtual keyboard. Here’s the list of emojis revealed last summer that include a shaken face, hearts in cyan, gray, and pink, or even hands pushing back or suggesting to run a check (at least by choice). New animals also appear such as a moose, a donkey, a crow, a goose or even a jellyfish.

emojis 15.0

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Web notifications in Safari

It’s hard to say whether this is good or bad news, but Safari, iOS’ native web browser, can now allow the websites you visit to send you notifications. Fortunately, the risks of being inundated with new notifications, in addition to those from the applications you use every day, are limited. And for good reason, only the websites that you have added as a web app to your home screen can send you notifications, if you have given them permission to do so. As for its management, this is done in the same way as with conventional applications, from the special settings menu.

iOS 16.4 Web app for notifications

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Voice isolation during calls

If calls in VoIP (via FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.) already benefited from a voice isolation feature, this was not the case for calls from a mobile network. The issue is now resolved as iOS 16.4 introduces a new voice isolation feature for all your calls over your operator’s network. To take advantage of this new feature, you’ll need to activate it during each call during the call. To do this, you need to open the Control Center and then long press on the microphone to activate the Voice Isolation option.

iOS 16.4 voice isolation


Please note that the voice isolation feature is only available on devices from iPhone SE 2 to the latest iPhone 14. Earlier models such as iPhone X or iPhone 8, while compatible with iOS 16.4, are not entitled to it.

Apple Books revives

If you happen to read literary masterpieces on your iPhone, you may have known about the Apple Books app back when iOS still used the graphic codes of skeuomorphism. At that time, the application offered animations that aimed to provide the user with an environment similar to the one he was emulating. When you went to the next page, the application flipped the page with an animation that mimics a folding effect of the page being turned, like in real free software. But with the arrival of iOS 16 last September, Apple abandoned this animation in favor of another, more modern one, which transformed the pages into a kind of “maps” for scrolling. With iOS 16.4, Apple reversed its decision and reintroduced the original Fold animation for turning the pages of a book.

Duplicates detected in shared albums

One of the big new features of Photos in iOS 16 was the detection and removal of duplicates in the Photos library. Very useful for cleaning, this function can only be used in the main photo library. With iOS 16.4, you can now run it in iCloud shared photo libraries to remove unnecessary duplicate images.

Install modified iOS betas

Apple is officially abandoning the method it used to let you install iOS betas on your devices. The Cupertino company stops using configuration profiles for download and integrates a new menu in iOS, entirely dedicated to the installation of betas of the iPhone operating system. A change that helps him control who can install pre-release versions of the iPhone OS.

iOS 16.4 beta


Because now only registered developers who have paid for their access to the Apple Developer Program can install beta developers on their device. Apple will verify that the Apple ID used on the affected device is indeed part of the developer accounts that meet the above criteria.