Müzeyyen Şevkin talked to women “Bin Ahh” Heard!


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Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Adana Dr. Müzeyyen Şevkin drew attention to the unhappy and hopeless condition of the women she visited as part of her work in Adana.
In Adana Haydaroğlu and Anadolu Mahallesi, Dr. The women who had problems with Müzeyyen Şevkin talked about the difficulties they experienced due to the high cost of living, unemployment and poverty.
Gülhan Davarcı, 63, who has been selling fruits and vegetables for a living for 30 years, is separated from her husband and has no other income, struggles to take care of her two children aged 15-16, Zuhal Karlıkdemir, 57, who has two children helping her husband sell kebabs at the counter, and hearing a question to 93-year-old İsmet Bozbaş, Dr. Şevkin noted that 12 million women in Turkey are unable to participate in business, have no social security and are left alone in poverty.


GULHAN DAVARCI (63 years old):

“No work all day, no electricity. No money, people can’t buy it. I work to take care of my children so they can go to school. Prices have increased compared to last year. There are many who do not ask about the price of fruits and vegetables. I can’t buy meat, milk, eggs for what I sell. No green card, no social security. Meat and milk have not been in the house for months. An egg costs 2.5 lira, how are you going to buy it? They said 80 lira for a shell egg, I came back. Forget the cheese anyway. We try to live on bread, olives, a tomato. What shall we do?”


“I am very unhappy, helpless and unhappy. Not just me, all women are like that. Whatever the man gives, we go to the market. I get half a kilo of everything. The market cart is not half full for 300 lira. We can’t go to the market. I can go to the market twice a month. I used to bake fries, now we’re starting to phase it out too. We watch everything. Minibus drivers are left empty-handed. Women cannot go to the market to eat. Women cannot walk. Women are unhappy. I don’t want to wake up in the morning because there is nothing beautiful in my life.”

İSMET BOZBAŞ (93 years old):

“Pasha makes herself up and the poor starve to death. Bread is expensive, food is expensive, oil is expensive, salt is expensive, flour is expensive. That’s cheap! I can’t afford my grandchild. In the past this was not the case. I have never seen so much poverty in my age. They made sure that we needed bread for 1-1.5 years. Is it good? Everything was expensive. Tell us what to do. We bought the flour in a bag and boiled it and ate it. But not now. A loaf of bread costs 10 lira, 5 lira. What shall we do?”