Microsoft is launching a new version of its Teams application


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The new version of Microsoft’s collaborative messaging service is now faster and benefits from many improvements, including a simplified interface.

The rumor that Microsoft was preparing a new version of its Teams application was therefore completely correct. The Redmond company took advantage of its annual Enterprise Connect conference to lift the veil on the redesign of the Windows version of Microsoft Teams. For this new version of the application, available today in Public Preview, Microsoft explains that it “started from scratch so that it is faster, simpler and more flexible”. With this redesign of Teams, Microsoft promises the arrival of no fewer than 59 new features.

Microsoft Teams

Faster and less memory intensive

Of the most common complaints about Teams, users mainly complained about the slowness of the tool when starting up and opening a meeting. But its biggest drawback was undoubtedly its excessive tendency to monopolize memory. For this new version, the team responsible for developing Teams took on a challenge: to make the application twice as fast and half as labor intensive.

Microsoft won’t go into the technical details that enabled it to run its operation, but explains that it has partnered with GigaOm, an independent benchmarking organization, to compare performance between the old version of Teams and the new one. The tests, performed on three types of machines (entry, mid-range and high-end), with video support, showed that this redesign of Teams launched and connected to meetings twice as fast as the old version. The application also consumes up to half the memory and takes up to 70% less disk space than before. In addition, switching from one conversation channel to another would be 1.7 times faster than normal.

A revised and corrected interface

The other major negative point of Microsoft Teams was that the application sometimes looked like a real gas station. To solve this problem, the team responsible for developing the tool has chosen to integrate several new features to simplify navigation in Teams. It is now possible to search directly for content in a conversation, to access suggested actions or to access replies to a particular message in the form of a nested conversation (thread). Other optimizations have also been made to make Teams more flexible. For example, people who use Teams at multiple companies no longer have to log in and out to switch between accounts. With Teams, you can now stay constantly connected across all accounts. So you can receive all notifications from all accounts no matter which one you use.

Microsoft Teams


In addition to the other new features that caught our eye, Microsoft Teams now offers to replace you with a 3D avatar during a video meeting. You can personalize your ‘virtual you’, including choosing your clothes, accessories and makeup, and you can even make your avatar react by having it mimic the reaction you send in the form of an emoji.

Finally, Teams now includes a system that is able to automatically mute multiple people joining a meeting with their machine in the same room. In addition, the Live Transcript feature, which allows you to view a real-time transcript of what each participant says during a meeting, is now usable from the web version of Teams.

The Preview of this new version of Teams is only available on Windows, and for now only for commercial users. However, it should be available to other users, including Mac and the web, in the coming months.

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