Interior designer Burcu Uludağ will design with “Burcu Uludağ”!


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ambitious in scope

Those who dream of contemporary, dynamic and pleasant living spaces have now opened Burcu Uludağ Architecture Office. Returning to Adana after completing her education in Bilkent Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Burcu Uludağ bettered herself by working in many architectural firms to gain experience and observe the shortcomings in the sector.

Interior architect Burcu Uludag

of ATO and ATB Consultation the emphasis

Emphasis on “Consultation” of ATO and ATB

Burcu Uludağ stated that their goal is to design comfortable, up-to-date, dynamic and enjoyable living spaces and realize their clients’ dreams, saying, “I founded my own brand, Burcu Uludağ Architecture. I have partnerships with Dreamswallpaper, Kibrid Design and Dolce Vita Carpet, which I bought as a dealer.” Uludag Architecture claimed that xofi is a versatile design studio shaped by the products it sells and personalized designs.

Interior architect Burcu Uludag

Close friends and friends of architect Burcu Uludağ attended and supported the opening of the cute architecture office on Fuzuli Street, as well as the representatives of the sector.