Historic General Assembly in Historic Building: Confidence Restored


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As Turkey’s first non-governmental organization in agriculture, current President Mutlu Doğru was re-elected at the 46th Ordinary General Assembly of the Adana Farmers Union, which has a deep-rooted history of 93 years. In his speech reviewing the past two years, President Doğru shared important messages about the future of agriculture.

At the General Assembly held under the chairmanship of the board of İhsan Oğuz Beyarslan, the former president of the Southern Yuregir Irrigation Union, at the Adana Farmers Union İzzettin Özgiray Meeting Hall; Besides the farmers, mayor of the municipality of Adana, Zeydan Karalar, and his guest, geophysical engineer Prof. Dr. Övgün Ahmet Ercan was also present.

Historic General Assembly in Historic Building: Confidence Restored


In his speech at the opening of the General Assembly, President Doğru shared important messages as he reviewed the last two years of Turkish agriculture. Speaking first about the existence of such a great danger as climate change, Chairman Doğru said: “We always say that agriculture is important, agriculture is essential, agriculture is life. But there is a great danger ahead of us, and that is climate change. Eliminate the rivers Seyhan and Ceyhan that flow through the plain in Adana, the Asi River that flows through our east and the Berdan River in the west of this plain. Close the dams, dry them, dry the rivers and ponds Çukurova is no different from Niğde, Aksaray and Konya Plain. Our only difference is not only the difference in water, climate and soil. Water is very important for agriculture. Therefore, the closed underground pressure irrigation project should be implemented in Çukurova as soon as possible.”

Historic General Assembly in Historic Building: Confidence Restored


Granted, Çukurova University faculty member and Adana Farmers Union board member Prof. dr. He drew attention to the results of a study conducted by Bülent Özekici and shared the information that “75 liters of 100 liters of water left over from the dam is lost until it reaches agricultural land”.


President Mutlu Doğru stated that the importance of agriculture during the pandemic process was much better understood by many segments, but that agriculture faced major challenges and continued as follows:

“In particular, the increase in input costs has upset both our producers and consumers. Import costs, especially for imported products, have risen sharply. Due to the excessive increase in the cost of agricultural products such as feed, fertilizers and seeds, the prices of fruits and vegetables, meat, milk and eggs rose in the markets.

During this period, of course, we encountered some bans as food inflation was pushed onto the farmer. Although we were a country that needed foreign exchange and had a foreign trade deficit, we encountered export restrictions on some products. We found it in citrus fruits, milk and dairy products, onions, potatoes and tomatoes. There may be some restrictions on products that are not enough for Turkey. For example, if the production of oil, flour and sugar is not enough in our country, let’s not export it, but it is not possible to understand the logic of banning the export of products that are sufficient or even more than enough for Turkey and create added value in export.”

Stressing that Turkey has entered the electoral process, Doğru said: “It does not matter which political party comes to power after the elections, it is imperative that it review the problems in the agricultural sector and discuss the agricultural credit cooperatives”, explaining the reasons . for this as follows:

“We have also had price imbalances in many agricultural products in the past three years. We had a price imbalance in cotton. Although cotton prices were extremely good 3 years ago, they went downhill last year. The cotton grower regretted what he had planted. The same goes for sunflowers. While our country was about to become self-sufficient in sunflower production, the price of sunflower fell so much last year that our farmer regretted what he had planted. Two years ago, peanut prices were on the ground , the price was below the cost. We went to Çukobirlik, we said ‘buy a truck with products, explain the price, regulate the market’, but it didn’t work. Cooperatives did not help us either. However, the cooperatives are ours We also criticize agricultural credit cooperatives for being ineffective in their efforts to reduce input costs.If the Agricultural Credit Cooperative urea fertilizer, which is 9.5 – Costs 10 TL in the market, sells for 11.50 – 12 TL, it is not called a cooperative.”

Mayor Doğru stated that non-governmental organizations, agricultural organizations, local governments and farmers should cooperate and thanked Adana Mayor Zeydan Karalar for his sensitivity on this issue. Right, “Mr. President, when we said there was a Mediterranean fruit fly, he was standing next to our farmer with all the spraying tools. He also has a nice project in mountain villages. It supports the development of greenhouse horticulture by spreading seedlings, fertilizers and seeds. share to the villagers. We hope that this solidarity will continue,” he said.


Mayor Zeydan Karalar, who participated in the Ordinary General Assembly of Adana Farmers Union, stated that he has not opened a square meter of fertile land for development since the mayorship of Seyhan Municipality, saying: “A person who produces straw, cotton, wheat from a self-sufficient country and finance the farmers abroad It is difficult for me to become a country. In the coming time we are going to make our country a self-sufficient country again by doing meritorious work in the field of agriculture. I am here to show that we always stand behind our farmers.”


Attending the General Assembly as a guest of President Zeydan Karalar, wProf. Dr Övgün Ahmet Ercan said during the speech of Mutlu Dogru, Chairman of the Farmers Union: “We are cultivating 23.8 million hectares of land where once there were 30 million hectares of agricultural land. Someone did not steal this land, we opened it up for development We lost our agriculture, we lost our property, we lost our lives,” he said.

“Nature will take revenge on you if you squander farmland to build. You can fool people with zoning, but you can’t fool nature. Building on 7 million acres of 30 million acres of land is murder, as the happy president said. In all Anatolian civilizations, cities were built against rocky mountains, today they are built on plains. Now building ID must be issued for each building”

In Adan Berlin WallThe Stray Wall: advertising fragrance!

The stray wall that doesn’t look like the “Berlin wall” in Adana: advertising smell!

Historic General Assembly in Historic Building: Confidence Restored

Prof. Dr. Ercan added that there was a huge earthquake, that the soil fluctuated during this period and that despite all the negative experiences, the soil will be fertile this year.

After the speeches, the elections were held. After the election of the council committee, a moment of silence and the singing of the national anthem, General Secretary Sinem Özkan Başlamış read the annual report. Later, the final budget and the reports of the Audit Committee were approved.

After the acquittal of the management board and the supervisory board, the election will be held with a single list; Mutlu Doğru and his management were re-elected as president by receiving the votes of all members who attended the general assembly. Board of Directors; prof. dr. It consisted of Bülent Özekici, Sinem Özkan Başlamış, Mehmet Yücel Ener, Mehmet Özler, Cabbar Sekman, Ahmet Yasin Milli, Hasan Kodal, Harun Özkan, Berna Tekinalp and Yiğit Özşahin.
To the Supervisory Board; Fırat Özkan, Turgut Taşa and Murat Tole were selected.