Has the new Nintendo Switch just been leaked by the UK government?


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Has the new Nintendo Switch just been leaked by the UK government?Six years after its launch, Nintendo is extremely discreet about the console that will replace the Switch. Today, an official document from the British government has revived the rumors about him.

The document in question, which comes from the British competition authority (CMA), is about the proposed merger between Microsoft and Activision. Among the 43 appendix pages we find who indicates that the Nintendo Switch Online “is only available on Nintendo Switch and [texte coupé] ».

Nintendo in the starting blocks?

In this appendix there is a lot of clipped text, represented by the icon of small scissors. The latter supersedes confidential information and other internal company documents. It was enough to revive the rumors surrounding the future game console, which will have the arduous task of replacing the Nintendo Switch.

The word that caused the most reactions, however, is not the one that was intentionally hidden, but rather the “and” that precedes it. Why ? Very simple, because the Nintendo Switch Online is currently only available on the Switch (logically). So the text after the “and” could very well indicate the next Nintendo console, which cannot be revealed in a regulatory file like that of the CMA.

new Nintendo Switch console

We’ve come a long way… © Nintendo

However, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has mentioned a continuity of its online account from its current console to a future model. In 2020, Big N already shared this information in a slide aimed at investors. The latter explicitly stated that the current Nintendo Account and its “value-added services” such as Nintendo Switch Online will continue to be available and grow through the “next game system” to be launched in “20xx”.

A console that is desired…

Clues that (again) revive the rumors around a “Nintendo Switch Pro”, which according to some sources would have simply been scrapped. Big N is clearly working on his next gaming console, but is extremely cautious given the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Switch. The company therefore has enormous pressure on its shoulders and is walking on (golden) eggs.

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Going back to the UK Competition Authority document, the hidden listing could also refer to something other than a games console, for example the arrival of classic Nintendo Switch Online games on smartphones or PCs.

Nintendo Switch games online

Are some Nintendo Switch Online games coming to smartphones or PCs? ©Nintendo

The arrival of such a service would allow Nintendo to conquer new markets while providing an alternative to ROM download sites that the company has been waging war against for years. After the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation exclusives on PC, Nintendo would therefore play a little more on the territory of its competitors.

Launched on March 2, 2017, the Nintendo Switch will soon be celebrating its six-year anniversary. This is the time it took to move from Wii to Wii U. Since the latter didn’t have the expected success, the Switch arrived less than five years later.

Nintendo is clearly at a crossroads and has to scramble to figure out the best way to launch the Switch replacement, which is well on its way to becoming its biggest success, before the Nintendo DS.

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