Great contribution to Adana from TÜRKONFED President Süleyman Sönmez


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Turkey’s largest independent business organization, TÜRKONFED, which has come together on a voluntary basis, will host the 24th Enterprise and Business World Summit in Adana on December 2-3. The summit, which will be attended by around 500 businessmen and opinion leaders from across Anatolia, will be themed “Towards the second century of our Republic: Turkey in our dreams”. TÜRKONFED’s Chairman of the Board, Süleyman Sönmez, emphasized Anatolia’s potential to be the driving force of development on the axis of digital, green and social transformation and said: “We want to create value for our region and our country through inclusive partnerships.”

November 22, 2022 / Istanbul – Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED), Turkey’s largest independent business organization that voluntarily gathered with more than 50,000 companies, more than 30 federations and more than 300 associations under its umbrella, 24. Enterprise and Business World Summit will be held in Adana on December 2-3, 2022. Supported by Çukurova Industry and Business Federation (ÇUKUROVASİFED) and organized by Adana Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (ADSİAD), the theme of the summit will be “Towards the second century of our republic: Turkey in our dreams”. Approximately 500 businessmen from across Anatolia, opinion leaders including current and former presidents of TÜRKONFED and TUSIAD, local and regional city actors and government officials will attend the summit.

Great contribution to Adana from TÜRKONFED President Süleyman Sönmez

Süleyman Sönmez: “We will create value for our region and country with inclusive cooperation”

TÜRKONFED Chairman of the Board Süleyman Sönmez, who said that any crisis on a global or national scale during this period, which is moving towards the second century of the Republic, carries both opportunities and risks: “It is necessary to evaluate these opportunities with rational policy and be prepared for risks. This is where our two main advantages as a country come to the fore: our flexible business world, which has a strong immune system in times of crisis, and our productive power in Anatolia… The path of development from local to global passes through Anatolia.”

Emphasizing that, as the voice of business and civil society, they act with a responsibility to identify problems and develop solutions, Sönmez said; “Any simple solution that we come up with without major structural changes to the environment we are in now will only have instant effects. Therefore, we have put forward five basic issues that urgently need to be addressed while using our Anatolian potential for the sustainable development and competitiveness of our country. We express on every platform that we need concrete and effective structural solutions in the areas of democracy, environment, digitization, development and gender inequality.”

Interior architect Burcu Uludag

Interior designer Burcu Uludağ will design with “Burcu Uludağ”!

“We work for the Turkey of our dreams”

Sönmez stated that he has met business people at events and workshops held in nearly 30 cities in the past six months: “In spite of everything, we have witnessed their love of production and their potential to take risks. And we have seen again that policies for growth, exports and employment are not enough for a country to achieve economies of scale. Countries that integrate innovation into their economic and social fabric make significant progress on the path of sustainable development.”

“As TÜRKONFED, we define the way to seize opportunities and realize our potential in this period of change, which is of great importance for the whole world, as “3D” on the axis of “Digital-Green and Social Transformation”. As part of our triple transformation vision; digitalisation, reducing the current account deficit and improving competitiveness in new export markets with resource efficiency, in particular water and energy, through green transformation; We work for the Turkey of our dreams, which internalizes a developed democracy for a developed economy and puts all layers of society, from education to women, from youth to entrepreneurship, at the center of transformation. For this reason, we will gather with our business community, which will gather from all over the country, in Çukurova, the fertile lands of Anatolia. We are kicking off this expansion that extends to our Turkey dream with our summit in Çukurova, and we aim to create value for our region and our country through inclusive collaboration.”

Entrepreneurs and opinion leaders come together at the panels

On the first day of the 24th Entrepreneurship and Business World Summit, Erol Bilecik and Cansen Başaran Symes, the former presidents of TÜSİAD; A panel entitled “The role of business and NGOs in transformation: digital-green and social transformation” will be held with the participation of former presidents of TÜRKONFED, Süleyman Onatça, Celal Beysel and Enis Özsaruhani, and SEDEFED Honorary President and TÜRKONFED High Advisory Board member Sefa Targıt. The honorary chairman of the evening summit gala is the chairman of the board of directors of Erdemoğlu Holding, İbrahim Erdemoğlu.

On the second day, which will begin with the opening speeches of TÜRKONFED Chairman Süleyman Sönmez, TÜSİAD Chairman Orhan Turan, ÇUKUROVASİFED Chairman Hüseyin Kış and ADSİAD Chairman Vedat Gizer, Esas Holding Chairman Ali Sabancı will address as the guest of honor of the summit . In the second day panel titled “Our Dream Turkey with a Focus on Digital-Green and Social Transformation”, Istanbul Economy Managing Partner Sinan Ülgen, researcher and author Bekir Ağırdır, Kadir Has University Faculty Member Prof. dr. Erinç Yeldanile Namık Kemal University Faculty member Assoc. Dr Ümit İzmen will discuss the issue in all its aspects.

TURKONFED’s dream turkey

The “Turkey Dream”, first proclaimed by TÜRKONFED last year in its “New Era, New Horizons” 2030 Vision Document and which is also the theme of this year’s summit, consists of the following items:

• Initiated an economic breakthrough compatible with the earth and green transformation,
• Rebuilding the social, secular and democratic rule of law,
• It has put the separation of powers, balancing and control mechanisms in place,
• Establishing the full independence of the judiciary,
• Made the new and civil constitution of the new period with social and political compromises,
• Became a full member of the European Union,
• More faith in the rule of law and a strong social transformation achieved,
• Developed policies that are sensitive to gender equality, ensured a social consensus and an agreement between the community and the state, where discrimination, marginalization, polarization are absent and the well-being and peace of society are essential,
• Institutionalized and guaranteed the right to a dignified life,
• The dream of a Turkey that has become one of the global pioneers in the fight against injustice and poverty…