Google Photos may soon be able to ‘blur’ your videos


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Having addressed the “blur” of photos on the Pixel 7, Google Photos could very soon embed a feature to “blur” your videos on the future Pixel 8.

Will Google Photos soon be able to ‘blur’ your videos? It is very likely. 9to5Google, which has now made a habit of decompiling APKs of future versions of applications, investigated the case of Google Photos and made several interesting discoveries. As Google has already done with the Photo Unblur feature for the Pixel 7, the Mountain View company could soon offer a similar functionality to “unblur” videos.

A “Video Unblur” feature just for Pixel 8?

In recent years, Google has made a habit of introducing new features to Google Photos exclusive to its Pixel smartphones. When the company released its Pixel 7, it integrated Google Photos with the Photo Unblur feature that lets you “untangle” your photos, whether they’re snapshots taken with the device or not. When the Pixel 6 was released, Google introduced its now-famous Magic Eraser. This feature, which allows you to remove any unwanted element on an image in moments, was exclusive to Pixel smartphones until now. But in recent weeks, Google has been offering it to all Google Photos users. Indeed, the feature has recently become available to all owners of Android or iOS smartphones. However, on the condition that they meet one condition: they must subscribe to a Google One offer.

After the “Photo Unblur” feature, Google could go further by offering a similar functionality but applied to videos. At least this seems to have been discovered 9to5Google who managed to force-activate a “Video Unblur” feature in Google Photos. According to the site, which has posted several screenshots, the tool has had no effect on videos submitted to it so far. So this means that the module would still be in a very early stage of development. Moreover, just like “Photo Unblur” when it was released, “Video Unblur” could very likely be an exclusive feature for future Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

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Additionally, in addition to this video “receiving” feature, Google plans to integrate new effects and other filters into Google Photos that could potentially be applied to videos. 9to5Google has indeed found a new “Overlays” section in Google Photos video editing tools. Unfortunately, as with the “Video Unblur” function, these effects and filters, fourteen in number, do not seem to be functional yet.

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