“Full of Loyalty” General and Presidential Elections Start from MHP Adana


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National Movement Party (MHP) Adana Provincial President Yusuf Kanlı kicked off the presidential and alternate general elections on May 14 with the opening of two separate halls in the city building, where the names of nationalist martyrs Ruhi Kılıçkıran and Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu were called.

The start of the elections was the scene of a first…

The election kick-off, which he gave with the meeting of the district presidents with the participation of MHP Adana Provincial Chairman Yusuf Kanlı, Provincial Council Committee, Provincial Executive Board and then Adana Ülkü Ocakları Chairman Cem Tutsoy, was the scene of a first. The basements of the MHP Adana Provincial Presidency building, which Yusuf Kanlı took as one of his first actions as soon as he took office and which has been used in almost all meetings for about a quarter of a century, were rearranged.


Ruhi Kılıçkıran and Fırat Yılmaz Çakiroğlu

During the two months of work, everything was renewed, including floors, ceilings, air conditioning, doors, sound and electrical systems. One of the halls, which emerged as a modern design suited to the needs of the day, is named after the first nationalist martyr Ruhi Kılıçkıran, who was assassinated in 1968, and the other is named after Ülkücü Martyr Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu , who was killed in 2015. The organization’s first work in the Fırat Yılmaz Çakıroğlu Meeting Hall, which was opened with prayers, was the election work, which was accepted as Turkey’s “destination choice”. The final preparations were discussed in the presentations at the meeting, where the division of tasks and the rules to be followed during the fieldwork were explained.

MHP of Adana Loyalty Start general and presidential elections

“We are here because of those struggles”

In his speech at the meeting, MHP Adana Provincial Chairman Yusuf Kanlı said: “We are idealists who represent the Turkish nationalist principle of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and Başbuğ Alparslan Türkeş with unshakable faith, who adhere to this principle and will live until our last breath. We are the trials of those great leaders, the brave men we called the halls we opened together, all our martyrs, veterans and people of Yusufiye; We are here thanks to the struggle of our President, Mr. Devlet Bahçeli, who dedicated his life to the Turkish nation, and his precious companions.” he said.

The situation of schools in Adana Moved to Parliament's agenda

The situation of schools in Adana Moved to Parliament’s agenda

The importance of the May 14 elections…

President Yusuf Kanlı continued: “May 14 elections are an election to end treason, hostility and imperialism, it is an election to rise again, to take a new form. May 14 elections are the choice to embrace the oppressed and stop the oppressors! We all owe our precious martyrs and heroic veterans. In the next two months we will work without forgetting all these facts; We believe and we will succeed with the permission of Almighty Allah and the support of our beloved nation!” said.