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Foreign exchange students who came to the University of Çukurova under Erasmus+ KA1 Individual Learning Mobility and International Credit Mobility took part in the three-day orientation program organized by the Foreign Relations Unit of the University of Çukurova.

Orientation for international and TÖMER students

Orientation for international and TÖMER students

On the first day of the program, students had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the social and cultural opportunities with the campus tour, which was organized alongside general information about Çukurova University, the educational process and campus life.

On the second day of orientation, the students attended a seminar program on Turkish culture, life in Adana and the rights of foreign students. In the afternoon program, the historical places and museums of Adana were introduced during the Adana city tour.

Erasmus experience at Çukurova University
The cultural adaptation of Erasmus students who came to Çukurova University was supported with the cultural trip organized to Antakya region to support cross-cultural interaction and promote the beauty of our country.

After the orientation program, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. A welcome dinner was organized for students with the participation of Neslihan Boyan, members of the Academic Council for Foreign Relations and coordinators for Foreign Relations.