Collective criticism of “Promotion” by the managers of education unions


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Mehmet Sezer, Department Head of Education-Bir-Sen Adana; “The promotion rights of our education workers are not a blessing. We have given Yapı Kredi Bank 10 days to give our education workers their due and take a positive step in line with the economic reality. We will do it,” he said.

Weather in Adana and its districts: The week starts with rain

Weather in Adana and its districts: The week starts with rain

Department heads of civil service unions active in education, training and scientific services in Adana posted a post titled “We Want Our Rights, Not Blessings” demanding an increase in bank promotion fees of 20,000 education workers due until the congestion in the promotion meetings.
There were 4 articles in the statement, which was jointly implemented and signed by the heads of Eğitim-Bir-Sen Adana Department, Eğitim-Sen Adana Department, Eğitim-İş Adana No. 1 Department, Education-İş Adana Department No. 2 and Hürriyetçi Eğitim Sen Adana Branch.

Partner of the managers of education unions

He stated that no agreement could be reached due to the fact that the numbers offered by the banks have been included in the tenders after the promotional negotiations they have been conducting for a long time in Adana for the benefit of the education staff working in the affiliated institutions institutions Adana Provincial Directorate of National Education was far below expectations, far from the perceived economic realities, and the desired competitive environment was not formed.Education-Bir-Sen Adana Provincial President Mehmet Sezer made statements on the subject.
President Sezer said: “We believe that our education staff, who have been beneficial to our nation and state with great dedication, both during the pandemic period and during the earthquakes that hit 11 provinces, including Adana, and became the Disaster of the Century, victimized by the banks in the promotion issue, and we regret to see that they are not getting the value they deserve”; He emphasized that in response to these developments, 4 trade unions have taken decisions together with 5 industry presidents.

Sezer explained these decisions as follows;

  • 1. Yapı Kredi Bank, with which a promotion agreement was signed in four central districts of Adana (Seyhan, Çukurova, Yüreğir, Sarıçam), is expected to take a positive step within 10 days as a sign of goodwill to address the grievances of our 20,000 education staff and their families.
  • 2. We declare that if the expected action of Yapı Kredi Bank is not implemented by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, our emergency action plan, which includes individual and mass actions that we have previously determined, will be implemented.
  • 3. To ensure that education workers are more widely represented, our previous call will be repeated and other trade union leaders will be invited back to our meetings.
  • 4. In this process, all measures and all kinds of work are done to ensure that our education staff receive the promotion they deserve.
Karada Eğitim-Bir-Sen Head of Department Adana Mehmet Sezer, Eğitim-İş Adana Head of Department No. 1 Seher Ergin, Education-İş Adana Head of Department No. 2 Emin Erkan Şenol, Education-You Department President Hüseyin Kaya, Hürriyetçi Eğitim Sen Adana Head of Department Ergun Ayyıldız signed.
It was a matter of curiosity what attitude Yapı Kredi Bank Adana Regional Directorate would take after this decision and what kind of offer it would make in promotional tenders.