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“My electricity bill of 1,300 TL was 6,300 TL”

Adana deputy Ayhan Barut of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) shared the problems of traders and civilians in Konya’s Ereğli district. Traders and citizens, who told CHP’s Barut about the problems they were experiencing, drew attention to the fact that the economic crisis made life very difficult, complained about rising prices and exorbitant increases, and demanded a solution. One trader, who stated that the electricity bill he paid last year as 1,1300 lira increased to 6,300 lira, responded by saying, “Our income is declining as our bills rise. We can no longer pay the bills.”



Ayhan Barut, who, by order of the CHP headquarters in Konya’s Ereğli district, for 2 days asked for solutions to the problems of the people with all walks of life from merchants to farmers, from representatives of democratic mass organizations to producing villagers . The CHP Konya provincial chairman Barış Bektaş, the Ereğli district chairman Veysel Gönülal and the CHP deputy chairman Ayhan Barut, along with party members, stated that citizens face serious problems due to the wrong policies of the AKP . Barut stated that they will find solutions to the problems in the power of the people, and asked for the support of the citizens on the way to power.


The delicatessen Onur Ezeroğlu, who almost revolted against what he experienced during the CHP visit to Barut, said: “I am dealing with cheese and dairy products. The products have been increased, the taxes we receive go to electricity. Unfortunately. there is nothing left for our children. Product prices have increased three times. Citizens can not afford it. I am ashamed to say that the citizen who used to gain 3-5 kilos, now gain half a kilo or can not gain. Now the electricity bill of 12 thousand lira. How shall we pay?” said.

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Kadir Öztürk, the butcher, who told his problems to the CHP delegation who visited him, said that he was paying the rent and that the electricity bill was too high. Öztürk stated that the electricity bill, which used to be 1800-1900 lira, is now more than 3000 lira, Öztürk said: “There is a big difference between this year and last year. The purchasing power of the citizen has fallen sharply. what I gave last year for 55 lira is 140 lira. Citizens can’t buy it anymore.” . Another trader, who stated that he paid an electricity bill of 1300 lira last year and 6300 lira this year, said: “We are having a hard time because of these costs and the current business situation.”