Atilla Barug re-appointed chairman of Welfare Party’s Yuregir district


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After receiving his mandate, Atilla Baruğ, who had previous experience in different parties and joined this party in the establishment of the Welfare Party, successfully fulfilling the tasks given at many different levels, started his duty by holding a meeting organize where he showed his strength .

Atilla Barug re-appointed chairman of Welfare Party's Yuregir district

Barug made a statement at the meeting; “Our Chairman of the Welfare Party Again, Dr. I would like to thank Fatih Erbakan, the Chairman of our Headquarters Organization, Naim Öztürk, our esteemed Provincial Chairman, Selahattin Baysal, who has placed this blessed burden on our shoulders by believing in our sincerity and loyalty, and our Provincial Board and all my colleagues who never spared their support.”


Fatih Erbakan; Emphasizing that the words “I do not aspire to my father’s chair, but to his trial” are also a reference to himself, Atilla Baruğ said in his speech; “From the first moment we set foot in this organization, we promised that we would never leave Fatih Erbakan alone on the grueling cause he strove for. And it will be carried higher and higher on the shoulders of believers.

Atilla Barug re-appointed chairman of Welfare Party's Yuregir district


Atilla Baruğ added that it was very difficult for him to speak and convey his feelings on the first day of his appointment as Welfare Party Yuregir District Chairman and continued his statements as follows;

“Duties in political parties are like a banner race. Everyone struggles to carry the flag further. In this context, I would like to thank everyone who served in our party in Yüreğir, served as district president, put their hand under. We will also consciously work to any time to get out of these offices, but we will never mention our cause. As our late teacher Necmettin Erbakan said, we will do our due diligence and focus tirelessly, tirelessly, tirelessly on our work, we will also be a brake on evil .

We will constantly benefit from our district board of directors, SKM, advisory board and finance board in the election post, and we will continue to explain the ideals of our party and our leader to our nation by strengthening these boards even more.”

Atilla Barug re-appointed chairman of Welfare Party's Yuregir district

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What will education look like after the earthquake? Subject on Parliament’s agenda


Atilla Baruğ stated that they know Yüreğir, they are aware of every problem of Yüreğir and they are ready to put forward the will for a solution. Atilla Baruğ concluded his speech, which was interrupted from time to time with applause and slogans;

“Yesterday we arrived in Yüreğir to serve. We exist today and will exist tomorrow with the same love, I hope. We will say ‘Wealth Again, Erbakan Again’ with our 107 neighborhoods and 843 ballot boxes in the district. We will be hope”. Everyone is fine. We exist for Yüreğir. I also want to thank my organization for supporting me by believing and trusting myself in this blessed direction in which we believe. It comes from Allah. Victory belongs to the believers and it is very close. Here we go.”

The Provincial Welfare Party Board, the District President and administrators, the Baruğ family and many party members attended the meeting at Yuregir Cultural Center.